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Happily Ever After – Part 6

  When I started this blog, I mentioned the New Forever Family living happily ever after. After all, that is the goal of adoption. A family having the chance to be just that: A Family. Contrary to news story adoption headliners, most adoptions do result in a happy family. Sure, they may have different challenges […]

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Happily Ever After – Part 5

As a society, we need to change the way we view and talk about adoption. While most of us probably agree adoption is a good thing, that “goodness” is usually only directed at the adoptive parents and children, while birth parents are viewed in a negative light or not thought about at all. Why is […]

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Happily Ever After – Part 4

When talking about the emotional rollercoaster that is the world of adoption, the child must of course be recognized as well. After all, they are the centerpieces of adoption! As mentioned before, adoption had drastically changed. Whereas adoptions use to be completely closed, most current adoptions have at least some level of openness to them. […]

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Happily Ever After – Part 3

In Part One, I mentioned adoption is full of heartbreak, and last week I talked about a lot of the birth mothers’ pain. However, a birth mother is not the only party in the triad (birth parent, adoptive family, child) who experiences heartbreak. Often times, an adoptive family has experienced pain and heartbreak of their […]

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