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A Safe Place

How can you, as an expectant mother with an unplanned pregnancy, choose to place your baby with an adoptive family? Choosing who will parent your child may seem frightening. Consider what is required of Adoption in Florida from Statute 63, and you will see that adoption agencies in Florida must abide by regulations which can […]

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Birth Mothers are Brave Women

  Meet Colin James. Earlier this year, his birth mother made a brave decision during her unplanned pregnancy. She placed her infant for adoption. Some may consider this giving baby up for adoption. Read how she found Josh and Rachael for Colin after receiving pregnancy help! Like all prospective adoptive families, Josh and Rachael had […]

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Adoption for my Baby

Did you recently discover you are pregnant? If this pregnancy was unplanned, please consider how adoption may be an ideal option for your baby—and for you. As an adoption agency in Florida, we work with women and men experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Case Workers from Christian Family Services will meet with you in a setting you […]

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