Happily Ever After – Part 2

Take a moment to place yourselves in these women’s shoes. First off, imagine the initial shock, fear and worry of facing an unplanned pregnancy. Imagine what it’s like to have people around you throwing their two cents in about what you should do. Maybe they’re telling you to raise your baby because “that’s the only […]

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Happily Ever After – Part 1

Adoption sounds pretty straightforward: Single woman has a child but doesn’t want him/her; Man and Woman want a child; Woman gives her child to Man and Woman; New Forever Family lives happily ever after. Now those of you who are part of the adoption triad or who work in the adoption field are probably cringing […]

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A Wonderful World!

   When women today discover that they are unexpectedly pregnant, they have all sorts of options before them. We live in a society that values independence and privacy.  Women have the medical know how and legal support to end a pregnancy before anyone else has to know. They can choose not to take on the […]

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Christian Family Services, Inc

First CFS Finalization of 2018!

We are pleased to share the recent finalization of a baby boy with Rob & Robyn. This is their fifth child! While the event was at a courthouse in Florida, the family met before a notary in the state where they reside. The entire family was present for the court proceedings, making him officially their […]

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