Happily Ever After – Part 1

Adoption sounds pretty straightforward: Single woman has a child but doesn’t want him/her; Man and Woman want a child; Woman gives her child to Man and Woman; New Forever Family lives happily ever after. Now those of you who are part of the adoption triad or who work in the adoption field are probably cringing […]

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A Wonderful World!

   When women today discover that they are unexpectedly pregnant, they have all sorts of options before them. We live in a society that values independence and privacy.  Women have the medical know how and legal support to end a pregnancy before anyone else has to know. They can choose not to take on the […]

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Christian Family Services, Inc

First CFS Finalization of 2018!

We are pleased to share the recent finalization of a baby boy with Rob & Robyn. This is their fifth child! While the event was at a courthouse in Florida, the family met before a notary in the state where they reside. The entire family was present for the court proceedings, making him officially their […]

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