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Choosing the Adoptive Family

The Adoption Process can be tough to navigate. There are so many articles and resources and options out there pulling expectant moms in different directions. They have to decide if they will parent, place or abort, and no matter which option they choose, they then need more information on that particular option to find out […]

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A Mom Who’s Been There: Part 2

To Mothers Considering Adoption (Continued)… About half way through my pregnancy, I went to the OBGYN for a check up on her. I tracked my pregnancy with the internet to make sure everything was going normal, and went to the hospital when I was having contractions about 3 minutes apart. I chose CFS because they […]

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A Mom Who’s Been There: Part 1

To mothers considering adoption, I am a mother who actually went through the adoption process in order to give my beautiful baby girl the chance at the life she deserved. Adoption is not right for all mothers and in the end you really have to search your own feelings and pray for God’s guidance. Place […]

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