Eric and Heather

Eric and Heather

Eric and Heather

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you for considering our family. We have had the wonderful joy of adopting three children, each from a different birth mother. We know that you love your child and have already made heroic decisions. We are happy to tell you a little about our family, with the hope and prayer that you might consider giving us the privilege of adopting yet once more.

Heather and I have been happily married for 20 years. Heather is a wonderful wife and mom; she is also a great teacher. I am fairly athletic and enjoy sports, reading and playing guitar. By God’s grace we have a ten-year old daughter (Kirra) who loves to read, a nine-year old son (Carl) who is full of adventure, and a precious son (Liam) who is less than a year old. As you can see in our profile, we are a mixed-race family. We have been praying together as a family for a fourth child—hopefully a little girl that will complete our story.

Our family is very active and loves life. We spend a lot of time together as I work mostly from our home and Heather is a stay-at-home mom (she makes amazing French toast!). Our home is in a nice neighborhood with lots of kids and things to do. We have two dogs that follow us everywhere. We live near the beach and enjoy day trips there, fishing in the pond behind our home, and traveling together. We are a Christian family and are well-loved by a wonderful church.

Please know that we are praying for you and are already grateful for you. May God give you grace and peace as you make this decision. Our profile book is available if you would like to see pictures of our family and get to know us better.





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