Michael and Lindsay


Michael and Lindsay


Hello, We are Michael and Lindsay.

First, we would like to thank you so much for even getting to this step. It makes our hearts pound just writing this letter and knowing that somewhere out there birthparents will be reading this and potentially giving us the greatest gift we could ever imagine. So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We cannot begin to imagine how difficult this may be for you.

We have been married for 8 years and met in college. We live in a suburb in Tennessee. Children were always a part of our future plans and adoption was an option from the beginning. When we ran into medical complications regarding pregnancy, the easiest step was to transition to adoption. Even though choosing adoption was a great choice, we did not know all of the different emotions we would encounter along the way. We adopted our first child in April 2014 and he has changed our lives for the better. Gavin is full of energy, a love for life and sweet heart. We want Gavin to have the experience of a sibling and we never knew being parents could be so fulfilling and wonderful! We are so ready to grow our family and share many life experiences with another child. We have so much love to give to your child.

We value our faith, family and friends above all. We are highly active at our church. Lindsay helps teach the 2 & 3 year old Bible class on Sundays, participates in a women’s bible study on Wednesday nights, and coordinates women’s events. Michael grew up attending church on a regular basis and his faith is very special to him. He also is a part time youth minister at our church. Lindsay’s mother is the secretary of the church and her father is an elder. Our church family is as much of a family to us as our immediate family. They want to love on your child just as much as we do! Lindsay teaches math at a Christian private school where we have another amazing support group. Michael is a civil engineer and loves what he does.We are committed to providing financial security for our family and the future of your child. God has blessed us in more ways than we can count.

Lindsay’s immediate family lives in the same town as we do and we are all very close. We talk with family on a daily basis and we get together for family dinners often. Michael’s family is only an hour away, but the love that is felt is just as strong! Your child will be surrounded by family that is supportive of him or her and loved enormously! Your child will have a brother, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, and great grandparents along with loads of extended family awaiting his or her arrival.

As parents, we promise to love and care for your child in as many ways as possible. We are prepared financially, emotionally, and spiritually to care for a child, your child. We hope that this very small glimpse into our lives will help ease any uncertainties or nerves you may have. Our promise to you is that we will love your child with all the love we have. Whether or not you choose us, we love and will be praying for you and your sweet blessing.

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