Neill and Memarie

Neill and Memarie

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Hi Birth Parents,

We are Neill and Memarie and we are so thankful to you, for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We greatly respect this selfless decision you have made. Not only are you making this decision for your child's future, but you would be giving us a wonderful gift, that only you can give. We are so grateful beyond words to have the chance to become parents to your child.

We have been married for 13 years and we've had a wonderful journey together. We met at a mutual workplace, started dating and was married a year later. We received the news a few years ago that we are unable to have children ourselves naturally, but we feel that God has a purpose and a plan for everything. We truly know that God has a child perfectly suited for our family and we have faith that he will orchestrate this to his will.

We live in a quiet lake community in Tennessee and when at home we love to boat, grill out or just relax on the deck and watch the boats go by. We have two cats and one dog. Needless to say we are animal people. We love watching our kitties, Betty and Boop run and play throughout the house. They also love to cuddle on the couch at night. Not having children of our own, our pets have basically become our kids. Snickers is our Lab, who loves running around in the back yard and hanging out with Neill on the dock while he fishes. He is our big baby! Sweet as can be and great with our niece and nephew.

We are both entrepreneurs at heart and both own our own business's. We both feel blessed to love what we do. Memarie had a career in the music business for years as a sing/songwriter and now has her own jewelry business. She is now blessed to work from home and knows this will be such a bonus when we have a child. Neill has owned a digital mapping company for over 18 years. Loving anything at all to do with maps.

One our passions is traveling. We try to take a trip once a year somewhere fun. Our favorite place we return to a lot is Lake Tahoe because the landscape is so pretty there. Our all time favorite trip was to Spain. It was so much fun experiencing the culture and eating lots of different kinds of food. Memarie is originally from Louisiana, so we travel there about once a year to visit her family. They are all praying that on our next trip there, we will be bringing a child for them to meet.

Family and faith are our top priorities in life. We have gone through trials in our life where God has shown up over and over again. This has grown our faith tremendously through out the years. When we found out we could not have children it was a difficult season, but God really stepped in and gave us peace about it. We know that our calling is to adopt and we feel there is no greater gift or assignment in life than to raise a child up in a Godly home. Our church family is also exited for us to adopt. Memarie is very involved in the music department and is so blessed to use her talents to glorify God through singing. We both volunteer for special outreach programs there and we can't wait to raise our child up in this Godly church community.

We also have a family book that you can request through Christian Family Services, if you'd like more information and see more pictures. Thank you again for taking time to get to know us a bit.

Neill and Memarie








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