Rob and Robyn

Rob and Robyn


Meet Rob and Robyn. They are a lovely Colorado couple, married 14 years. Rob works for the county and is the oldest of four children. Rob loves being outdoors and being with family. Robyn is a stay at home mom and is the second oldest of four children. She loves camping and hiking and being outdoors, as well as sewing and decorating.

Rob and Robyn have 2 daughters and 2 sons, the youngest, age four, was adopted at birth. They all read together before bed, have family movie night and enjoy vacations. Their favorite vacation was traveling cross-country with Robyn’s parents to Disney World. They make a big deal over birthdays at their house.

They live on a cul-de-sac with great neighbors and a tight knit community. In any season, their back yard is often the source of much laughter and noise.

What you are choosing with adoption is the most selfless decision a woman can make. We recognize how hard this must be for you and we are continually praying for you and the precious life you carry. All of our children share our excitement knowing that our family will grow in what we feel is the most awesome demonstration of unconditional love. Having already experienced profound joy 4 years ago with the adoption of our A/A son, we anxiously await God’s perfect timing in this current journey. Our youngest asks daily when ournew babies are coming home. It’s important to us that God sees all of our hearts, but especially our youngest because he says he wants,” brown babies that look like me.”

Living in a racially diverse area is very important to us and surrounding our children with families that look like us has been so rewarding because we have friends (and now family) of every color. What an honor and privilege it has been to hear our children earnestly ask for God to bless our baby and his or her birth mommy. As we pursue adoption we know that just as God has counted and knows the hairs on our heads, He created you and has a perfect plan for you and your baby. We also know that you love your baby so much and should you choose an adoption plan, please know that we will always remind this child of your incredible love for them and always speak about you with great respect. Our hearts are so ready to pour out love and provide for another child! We see your decision as the most beautiful form of God's love for His children, as you set your child's needs before your own. Our hearts desire is that you will know God's peace as you seek wisdom in your decision.

In Christ's Love, Rob and Robyn