Ross and Abby

Ross and Abby

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Hi! We are Ross and Abby!

To get to know us you have to first tap into your imagination…

It is 75 degrees and sunny on a beautiful day in our home state of Florida. The sights….the sounds…..the smells are all so awesome…..and overwhelming. This is a day the child you are carrying has been looking forward to for some time. The view is awesome as the log boat climbs to the top of the hill. Cinderella’s Castle and the rest of the beautiful Magic Kingdom are in the distance from the top of the hill. The child has been looking forward to this day because we started telling them about the wonderful “Disney World” at a very young age.

They are so excited, but before they know it, they are screaming in terror and excitement as the log boat they are riding zooms down Splash Mountain! They are soaked. They are laughing. They are high fiving their friends and family after the ride.

They are happy. They are loved.

This is a snapshot of life as a member of our family. We would be blessed to welcome the child you are carrying into our family.

As we write this letter we are a family of three that has always dreamed of being a family of four.

We met in pre-school and have known each other our whole lives. We began dating in high school and got married after college in 2008. We are both blessed with college level educations. Abby is a dental hygienist and Ross works in banking. In addition, Ross began teaching business courses at our church which serves as a satellite campus for Southeastern University. We love to travel. We love to spend time with family and friends. We are Christians who have answered the call to serve at our church. And, as you likely can tell, we are Disney geeks. Our best days as a family are walking the streets of the Magic Kingdom.

Our son, Judd, was born in 2012 and as we write this, he is four and half years old. He is a sweet boy who prays nightly to become a big brother.

Our plan was always to have more kids, but unfortunately, due to health reasons, Abby cannot pursue having another biological child. We still want to achieve our dream of becoming a family of four. After years of praying, we know that God’s plan for us to add to our family is through the gift of adoption.

We are ready to love your baby and will devote our lives to raising them to thrive in this world. We are praying for you and know that you have an important decision. We are thankful you are choosing Life, a choice that was not easy.

Get to know us a little bit more through our Instagram @rossabby4 and our Viewbook with Christian Family Services!

With love,

Ross, Abby, and (hopeful) Big Brother, Judd







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