Rusty and Dana

Rusty and Dana

rusty and dana

Dana and I (Rusty) met in college and were friends for three years when our friendship began to evolve into a romance. I asked Dana out on our first date in a letter, as I was nervous about asking my best friend on a date. She said yes, and three years later Dana and I were married and we just celebrated our 15th anniversary!

Dana is an elementary teacher going on her 16th year of teaching. I (Rusty) have been a youth minister, college admissions counselor, and I am currently a preaching minister. We live in a small rural town in West Central Alabama with our two dogs, Tigger and Tiana. Dana’s parents and her brother and sister-in-law live down the street from us. Rusty’s parents and his sister’s family lives about an hour away. Family is important to us, and we love spending time with them. We eat lunch every Sunday at Dana’s mother's house after church. We often get together with both of our parents to watch ballgames, celebrate birthdays and holidays, and hang out for no particular reason.

Our first vacation included a trip to Walt Disney World, and we make yearly trips to experience the magic. We have been blessed to travel to many places and love little day trips or overnight adventures, as well as full-blown vacations. Some of our favorite places are Orange Beach, Gatlinburg, Montana, New York, and Disney.

We are both avid readers, and if we were ever going to be hoarders, it would be because of books. Dana’s favorite author is Francine Rivers, and Rusty’s is Jan Karon. Dana also enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching movies, and cuddling with the dogs. Rusty likes football, fishing, golf, and playing fetch with Tianna while Tigger sits and watches.

We have hoped and prayed to have children and look forward to the day God allows us to be parents. We anticipated having children of our own but have not been able to conceive. We have always considered adoption as we have two nieces who were adopted; one as an infant and one when she was eight. They are both seventeen years old today.

If you entrust your baby into our family, we promise to love him/her unconditionally. We will forever pray and thank God for you. We will prayerfully do our best to raise him/her to love and trust the Lord.







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