A Wonderful World!

   When women today discover that they are unexpectedly pregnant, they have all sorts of options before them. We live in a society that values independence and privacy.  Women have the medical know how and legal support to end a pregnancy before anyone else has to know. They can choose not to take on the responsibility of raising a child.

One of the options that is available to expectant moms, but not totally known or understood by many, is something called Safe Haven.

Florida, like many states, has a Safe Haven Act. A parent has the right to take a newborn (up to 7-days old in Florida) and leave them at a hospital or fire station, with no questions asked. This is designed to prevent parents from giving birth and discarding or abandoning the baby to die somewhere. Birth Moms then know her baby will be well cared for and will be placed for adoption. She can do this with complete anonymity.

Hospital staff usually contacts a non-profit agency near by for the purpose of placing the baby for adoption.

CFS recently got such a call! The Birth Mother had been admitted to the hospital, had safely delivered a healthy baby and then chose to leave the hospital under the Safe Haven Act. Her choice assured her that her baby would be placed in a safe, loving home. This Birth Mom could leave the hospital, knowing that staff would then cleanse all identifying information from her’s and the baby’s files.

In this case, Birth Mom (and dad) had a history of drug abuse. She knew she could not provide the life that she wanted her child to have. Her decision to make a loving choice allowed this sweet baby to be placed into a Christian home with parents who most definitely will make sure that he is loved and well cared for.

So I think to myself, what a wonderful world!

(Louis Armstrong)

A world where even moms who have a long history of making unwise choices can do something right for the sake of her baby.
I choose to believe that God had a hand in guiding this mother.

A world where there are loving couples that want to adopt.
  This precious baby was placed with a couple that longed to start their family.

A world where people like you care and are passionate about meeting the needs of moms and babies. 
Donors give sacrificially for this ministry to continue being used by God.

Knowing all the unstated factors regarding mom, baby and family, I choose to believe that God had a plan for this precious life – from conception.

Not Perfect, but still, A Wonderful World!