Abortion – Adoption – Pandemic

We have heard stories about families whose child contracts Covid and is in the hospital. They are in the NICU on life support, unable to breathe. Can you even imagine what’s going through the parents’ minds? However, there are other parents making hard decisions. They have an unplanned pregnancy, but don’t know about Christian Family Services’ free, non-judgmental counseling.

One such example is a young couple with three kids whose life is barely manageable. The Pandemic hit and they lost their needed income. They are behind on their bills and now she’s listening to her doctor tell her that the discomfort she’s been having is because she’s pregnant. How in the world are they going to feed and raise another baby? Do you know she has other options that offer life for her baby? This couple may consider Florida adoption, a semi-open adoption, because there is no family to assist them!

What about the college woman on scholarship? If her pregnancy is terminated quickly, nobody would know. Do you know you have other options that offer life for your baby? Consider putting up baby for adoption. Christian Family Services is an adoption agency near you. We listen to you and aren’t pushy.

This may be the first time that Abortion has become a very real option for you. It doesn’t matter that you are Christian and have been Pro-Life. This is a crisis! How can you bring a baby into this kind of life? Do you know you have other options that offer life for your baby? Consider newborn adoption.

These agonizing situations happen everyday in Florida. But the difference is, they are not happening to everybody. It’s difficult to imagine making the tough decision to either abort a pregnancy, or to give life. Do you know you have other options that offer life for your baby? You can give up baby for adoption.

Consider your options for your unplanned pregnancy. Speak with us 24/7 by voice @ 8002262367 or text @ 352.600.2138

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