Adoption: A Mother’s 3rd Option

Having an unplanned pregnancy in 2019 is quite different than it was in 1950. There are options. Expectant mothers can parent their child, a legal option would be abortion, or newborns may be placed with another family for adoption.

Unlike the past, there are community resources available to single mothers. As the media has made us aware, abortions are still a popular option for unplanned pregnancies. As an adoption Agency in Florida, we want expectant mothers to explore the 3rd option for their unplanned pregnancy – adoption.

Did you recently discover “I’m pregnant?” If you are surprised and this is an unplanned pregnancy, consider how adoption may be an ideal option for your baby—and for you.

As an adoption agency in Florida, we work with women and men experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Case Workers from Christian Family Services will meet with you in a setting you are comfortable in. We listen and help you consider ALL the options for your unplanned pregnancy.

A past Birth Mother shared:

“When I was 18, I gave birth to a son. He was adopted through your agency. My son, Aaron, and I met for the first time when he was 17 years old. He is now 31, married, and my daughter’s best friend.

I just wanted to send a short note to thank your agency and all those who helped me get through a very difficult time in my life. Aaron’s adoptive parents were wonderful people!

I have since married and had two other children.

Christian family Services not only saved my life but improved it as well.

Thank You so much.”

Case Workers from Christian Family Services do not pressure a pregnant woman into adoption. A CFS Birth Mother shared:

“They spoke to us like human beings. They where here for me –just a call away. No opinions given. Just support. It was a safe haven that I could come and talk and have a normal conversation.”

Case Workers from Christian Family Services listen to you when you say you need pregnancy help while you are living with an unplanned pregnancy. We listen to your story… Another CFS Birth Mother shared:

“It’s nice that they know your story and they accept you. Their support is great, cause you don’t have that support from everybody.”

We offer community resources to assist you. We listen to your needs to live as an expectant mother. Let us help you find housing, transportation, or medical professionals.

Maybe you’re facing a teenage pregnancy, or maybe you’re already a mom with your hands full and need to look for options for the baby you are carrying. In any case, we are here to listen, not judge. Case Workers are available for pregnancy help 24/7.

We don’t consider adoption “Giving baby up for adoption.” If you choose adoption for your child, a Case Worker from Christian Family Services will listen to the type of family you would like to place your baby with. CFS Birth Mothers share:

“It was huge for me to find a family instantaneously that I knew it was them. I got more information and it was perfect.”

And CFS Case Workers are there with you from being an expectant mother, to discussing all the aspects of the process of adoption, and after you have placed your baby with their adoptive family. If you have an open or semi-open adoption, we assist with communication. CFS Birth Mothers share:

“I had no pressure falling on me.”

“I felt secure. The paperwork was explained to me clearly and I could understand it.”

Consider your options with a Case Worker from Christian Family Services. We are just a call (800.226.2367) or text (352.600.2138) away!


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