Adoption and the CFS edition of the 12 days of Christmas!

Between Christian Family Service’s recent 500th Adoption in Florida and the spirit of Christmas around us, we want to reflect back on some of the incredible stories over the last 40 years – stories only God could design – through the CFS 12 Days of Christmas!

Every expectant mother makes choices to give her child the best possible life. Sometimes, that choice means a life without them. Placing a child for adoption takes incredible faith, strength and love. We believe God has a plan for every mother, child and adoptive family, and what better way to celebrate the birth of Christ, than through testimonies encompassing His love?

Jayli was born 3 months early after her birth mom was in a car accident. Her premature birth caused major heart issues, which resulted in multiple surgeries and a 3-month stay in the hospital. Her mom was released from the hospital much sooner than she was, but did not have the available resources to visit, or care for, Jayli the way she needed. Nearly 2 years later, Jayli is healthy and thriving with her Forever Family!

Amelia’s birth mom lost a lot of blood during delivery and wanted to leave the hospital much earlier than was safe. She also wanted her child to grow up in a healthy environment, away from the lifestyle she had and asked the hospital social worker to call CFS. Not only was CFS staff able to counsel her through the adoption process, they even convinced her to stay at the hospital until it was safe for her to leave.

Twins Jacob and Joshua’s birth mom experienced an unplanned pregnancy while in an abusive relationship. However, she found the strength needed to reach out for help: first from a domestic violence shelter, second to her hospital social worker, and finally to Christian Family Services. Due to their unique circumstances and background information provided by their birth mom, the twins are not only growing up in a safe, loving and stable family, they will also receive scholarships to a state college!

Moriah was born with a rare, never before researched chromosome disorder: X-Chromosome Deletion. While some may call it a coincidence, I have full faith God purposely orchestrated this match. Her adoptive mom “just happened” to be a research scientist at the University of Florida. She set up a research team AND a non-profit organization, Xtraordinary Joy, to research this rare disorder. By choosing to place her own child, Moriah’s birth mother unknowingly blessed and gave hope to other families and children affected by this disease!

CFS recently celebrated our 500th Placement! This birth mother received pregnancy help from a pregnancy center for several months before deciding she wasn’t ready to be a parent, and called CFS to make an adoption plan. She chose and met the adoptive family, and spent time with them in the hospital. After every visit, she reiterated how much excitement and love she had for them!

CFS is extremely blessed to play a role in the lives of everyone choosing adoption. Please consider donating during our “12 Days of Christmas” so we can continue ministering to moms, babies and their Forever Families, and have a Merry Christmas!

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