Adoptive Family Review!

We have been so blessed by our experience with CFS! When researching adoption agencies prior to choosing one, it was just as important that we find an agency who cared deeply about birth mothers as it was an agency that worked well with adoptive families.

Well we can tell you first hand, the CFS team makes caring for, ministering to, and meeting the needs of birth mothers their priority.

And as adoptive parents, my husband and I have enjoyed the warm, genuine team of people at CFS who helped make our hope of adopting a reality. Jerry, Debbie, Donna, and Jasmine have always been friendly, positive, reassuring, helpful, attentive, and a reflection of Jesus Christ.

If you are looking for a faith-based agency that represents the real deal–whether you’re a birth mother or an adoptive family- We highly recommend CFS!

~Matthew, Bethany & Evan

CFS Adoptive Family

Big thanks to this wonderful adoptive family for their kind words and Google review! And CONGRATULATIONS on your Finalization this week! We are so happy for you to finally share a last name!

If you’re pregnant in Gainesville, pregnant in Tallahassee, pregnant in Ocala, pregnant in Jacksonville, or pregnant in Florida anywhere between, contact CFS to learn more about creating an adoption plan that works for you. Already given birth? You can STILL make an open adoption plan with CFS! Caseworkers are available 24/7 to answer your calls & questions & learn more about your circumstances & adoption desires.

We are ready to answer your call or text to discuss judgment free options with you. Consider your options for your unplanned pregnancy. Speak with us 24/7 by voice @ 8002262367 or text @ 352.600.2138

UNDERSTANDING POSITIVE ADOPTION LANGUAGE: Blog posts of Christian Family Services are written using words people search for if they are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. To reach women and provide options to them, we use language our SEO agency suggests, not the positive adoption language we prefer to use! We consider women making an adoption plan as wanting to place her child with an adoptive family, but many times she first uses words like “give my baby up” for adoption.


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