Bible Classes…

If you peek into the Nursery Class of your place of worship, you will see little ones learning about Jesus. Their teacher guides them to hold a Bible, sing songs about God’s creation and pray.

Some of these little ones are able to be part of a Bible Class because their Birth Mother chose an adoption plan, and their forever family wants them to know God. Their Birth Mother chose life for her unplanned pregnancy!

When an expectant mother considers newborn adoption and reaches out to and adoption agency in Florida for pregnancy help, we believe it is God who does the planning and creates the path for this child.

Not long ago, one such child was placed into the arms of his forever parents. The Birth Mother knew her earlier choices put her in conflict with the law. She would not be able to parent this child. She kept her unplanned pregnancy a secret from her own family, and many of the caseworkers she worked with. How alone, yet how determined this woman was, to keep the child a secret.

After delivery, she told the hospital caseworker she would be giving baby up for adoption (we call this “placing for adoption”). She asked for a couple that could not have their own children. When Christian Family Services was contacted, we were able to find a couple which met this request.

Through her choice to place her child into a Christian home, she allowed him to have a different path for his life. Her child would be further removed from the place she found herself in and the choices she made.

A Birth Mother’s choice to put her baby’s future first is a true example of Love. To choose life, to choose adoption, to trust God and His plan to provide a family for her child-this is the trust of a Birth Mother!

As you enjoy this special time of year and reflect on the extent of God’s love for us, please continue to remember the expectant moms that you are blessing by your support of CFS. Consider compassion over consumption during this Season of Giving. Donate now with a card via PayPal or send a gift postmarked no later than 12/31/2019 to CFS, 2720 SW 2nd Ave, Gainesville, Fl 32607.


Are you worried about an unplanned pregnancy? As an adoption agency in Florida, we can help others due to compassionate donor support! We offer pregnancy help for expectant mothers, offering non-judgmental counseling.

Reach out to a counselor at Christian Family Services at 800-226-2367 or text us at 352-600-2138.

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