Birth & Adoptive Family Visit

Two years after a Jacksonville adoption, this family was reunited for a day at the zoo! While lots of pictures have been shared over the last couple of years, Colin got to see his birth mom, birth grandmother and sister a few months ago for the 1st time since the hospital! While incredibly hot, the day was filled making memories with lots of love and laughter! After the visit, his adoptive parents sent a letter to his birth mom:

“Vanessa, It was so nice to visit with you guys last week. Colin keeps talking about all the animals he saw! We hope you guys enjoyed the day as much as we did even though it was so hot! We will figure out something with a little more A/C for next year!

As you can see he is surpassing all of his milestones. At his 2 year check up he was 35.5 in tall and 33.5 lbs, both at the top of the charts. He knows all of his colors, how to spell his name, count to 5 and we are working on his shapes.

He finished ISR swim lessons in June and is a pro swimming and floating now! We’ve been going to music and gym classes. His favorite things are playing the drums and crawling t through the tunnel. He is obsessed with Buzz Lightyear but likes watching Mickey and Moana too.

He can work an iPad better than me and plays all kinds of shape sorting and matching games when he gets screen time. He’s started speaking in sentences just a few weeks ago and he baffles us at all of the words he knows.

His little personality is the best. He is shy and quiet at first but then he shows out with all his silly faces and expressions. We love him more than life itself and thank God for every precious day with him!

Love, Josh & Rachael”

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