Birth Mothers are Brave Women


Meet Colin James. Earlier this year, his birth mother made a brave decision during her unplanned pregnancy. She placed her infant for adoption. Some may consider this giving baby up for adoption. Read how she found Josh and Rachael for Colin after receiving pregnancy help!

Like all prospective adoptive families, Josh and Rachael had a valid Home Study. The Home Study is written by an Adoption Case Worker (a licensed professional in their state). To begin the process, letters of recommendation were received from their families, friends, leaders in their church home, and their employers. This was to verify Josh and Rachael really are who they say they are!

Josh and Rachael provided annual physicals to their Adoption Case Worker to show they were healthy and able to raise a child. They provided their financial details, to show they were capable of providing for a child. They had to undergo background screens on a local and national level to prove their criminal history to the Case Worker.

After successfully collecting these details of their life, they were interviewed by their Case Worker in their home. Once Josh and Rachael’s Home Study was written and approved, they created a profile book to share with Birth Mothers.

After reading their story, Colin’s Birth Mother chose Josh and Rachael. When she placed her son for adoption, it was not the end of her story, but the beginning of their lives together with a semi open adoption. This is the journey of a Birth Mother, an Adoptive Family, and the child they share.

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