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Adoption in Florida – the Journey of an Expectant Mom

Without an expectant mother who makes an adoption plan, there would be no adoption! Many times, the birth mom becomes an afterthought in the adoption process. Many assume “she didn’t want her baby, it was an unplanned pregnancy anyway. She’s fine living her life now.” My prayer is that Deana’s* story changes that for you.

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Journey to Waylon Michael: Part 4 – The Call

The girls and I had just walked into Aikman’s Wildlife with my friend Melissa and her kids when Jasmine starts calling. Now remember, Jasmine and I have been texting and talking on the phone for months now. So, I assumed this was just another call to catch up and talk for a while. I told […]

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Adoption Agency for Birth Moms: A Birth Mom Story

Dear Christian Family Services, My experience with CFS couldn’t have been a better experience. Adoption is definitely the hardest thing I had to do in life. Nothing will be harder in life than that decision. I was able to do it with God and CFS at my side every step of the way. If it […]

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