CFS Caseworkers are here for you!

At 1:30 am I became aware that my phone was ringing. I was slowly coming to consciousness like coming up out of a deep well. I quickly answered my phone and said “Christian Family Services”, trying not to sound sleepy. I moved to another room, hopefully to keep from waking my sleeping spouse.

The person on the other end could have been a wrong number like so many other calls. But this one wasn’t. The female caller was pregnant and needed some guidance about her unplanned pregnancy. She could be black, white or Hispanic, but the important thing was that she needed someone to talk to at 1:30 am.

Perhaps she could not sleep because of worrying about the future of her child and herself. She may be calling from her bathroom floor after just having taken a home pregnancy test. She may still be in shock when she discovered “I’m pregnant!” She may have sleeping children in the next room. She may have also just broken up with the man she envisioned spending the rest of her life with. She needs someone to talk to now, not during office hours.

CFS has made a commitment to have a live person answer a call, text or chat any time, any day when they need counseling and referrals. A CFS caseworker is on call for just such a time.

Unplanned pregnancy? A CFS Caseworker is ready to speak to/text/email you. Only YOU can decide how to continue with your unplanned pregnancy.  We will listen, and not judge. If you would like to meet with us, that would be great!  You are not “giving baby up” if you choose adoption. Adoption is a mom’s 3rd option!

Contact a Caseworker at Christian Family Services for pregnancy help. We are an adoption agency in Florida, where you can reach caseworkers any time, any day, toll-free at 800-226-2367 or text us at 352-600-2138.

Written by Debbie Callens, CFS Caseworker