Courage during an Unplanned Pregnancy

It Takes Courage

It takes courage during an unplanned pregnancy to consider ALL your options.  As an adoption agency in Florida, consider the benefits of working with Christian Family Services, a non-profit, ministry focused, agency.  Christian Family Services can provide an expectant mother with pregnancy help. A CFS Caseworker is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by voice @ 800.226.2367 or text @ 352.600.2138 or Email.

An Example

One CFS adoptive family shared the first meeting with their child’s birth mother. We trust you can see the love they have for the woman who gave birth to their daughter. Such relationships in an adoption are better for all the parties involved!

A CFS Adoptive Family Shared…

We were introduced to CFS through friends. We really felt good about how much compassion CFS Caseworkers have for all parties involved in adoption, both expectant parents and adoptive parents. Everyone at CFS went above and beyond to help us with encouragement and prayer, as well as just “love on us,” due to our past history of failed adoptive placements.

The call that changed our lives came late one year. Even though we had longed for such a call, it was still a shock! We got the call at 7:20 pm the night our daughter was born. We headed to meet her the following day.

We got to meet our beautiful daughter when she was 2 days old.

Jerry (CFS Counselor) met us at our hotel. We talked for awhile so we would know what to expect on how things would go. He gave us background info that we needed, including the incredible story of our daughter’s birth mom. He shared with us what an amazing woman she is!

We were able to meet our child’s birth mother before we left. Jerry was there for us and our daughter’s birth mother. We were really nervous about how the meeting would go. We realize are holding this precious baby and she’s going home with us. Not with her birth mother.

Meeting our daughter’s birth mother put us all at peace. It was such a beautiful thing to experience. She is such a wonderful person and will always be such a big part of our lives.

Let us help you navigate this time with pregnancy help. We are here to listen, not judge.

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