Donations for Birth Mothers, Babies, Families

Donate Items for Gift Bags for Birth Moms!

Donate items for gift bags for CFS Birth Mothers:
Toothbrush & paste*
Body wash/specialty soaps *
Hand/body lotion*
Hair products (spray, mousse); shampoo/conditioner; Ethnic hair products*
Shaving cream & disposable razors*
*travel or small sized containers work best.

Socks     Wash cloths    Loofa    Deodorant     Kleenex     Sanitary pads

Journals/pens     Scrapbook     Picture frames     Plush teddy bears

Small gifts (necklace, nail polish, face masks, candles, etc)

Donate items for gift bags for CFS Babies and Families:

Handmade items such as blankets, bibs, burp cloths.

Donate supplies for CFS gift bags:

Tissue and large gift bags