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Unplanned Pregnancy Florida

CFS Caseworker for Unplanned Pregnancy

I chose Christian Family Services as a place to work twice!!

The first time, I was in grad school seeking an internship. The director of the agency at the time encouraged me to make plans to come to Florida to complete my internship. Normally, the school will not allow off campus internships. And this internship would be WAY off campus. I was excited to learn the school approved it. I  began learning all of the ins and outs of adoption, both for expectant women and couples wanting to adopt. I was ultimately offered a job after the conclusion of the internship and started working for CFS. I continued to do so for the next 4 years.

There were many eventful times in my life after my first job at CFS.  I spent many years in Georgia raising children and working for another Christian agency, In 2022, I realized it was time to move on. After speaking with Jerry Callens about coming back to work at CFS, I thought about my options.

My time in Georgia with Foster Care reminded me of my desire to work with women with unplanned pregnancies. Women in such situations need additional help, which includes financial, emotional and spiritual help!  Florida adoption may be a different process than in other states, but women needing to know the love of Christ when they realize “I’m pregnant” remains the same.

As I considered returning to CFS, I was moved by Jerry’s attitude toward the work at CFS. He looks at this as a ministry. It’s not just a way to help women in crisis pregnancies, but a focus on the birth mothers and HER needs. Spending time getting to know each woman. Understanding the emotional burden of being a mother and the challenges of facing a pregnancy without support. I understand there is joy being a mother.  However, some moms have sacrificed this joy in order to make solid plans for her child’s future that does not include them as being their parent.  It means following up and supporting these ladies when they need it most.Unplanned Pregnancy Florida

On my return to CFS as a caseworker, I work with women from different backgrounds, be it income level, racial background, or education experience. They have in common the fact that they want something stable for their child. Some want two parent families because they did not have a father figure as they were growing up. Some are trying to escape the horrors of a past that haunts them. Some realize that even if they wanted to parent the state would swoop in and take the child from them at the hospital because of their past.  Unplanned pregnancy in Florida looks different for each woman.

While I don’t have the same background of many of the women I am working with, I can listen, support and help them during this crisis. I am thankful that CFS has offered me the opportunity to help so many women and families in difficult times.

Kim Tang, LCSW
CFS Caseworker

Unplanned Pregnancy? Do you live in Florida? We have a reputation around the state of being readily accessible 24/7 by voice @800.226.2367 or text @ 352.378.6202


It is not the policy of CFS to force an expectant mom to place her baby for adoption; we want you to consider your options: termination, parenting, or place the child with a qualified family.

UNDERSTANDING POSITIVE ADOPTION LANGUAGE: Blog posts of Christian Family Services are written using words people search for if they are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. To reach women and provide options to them, we use language our SEO agency suggests, not the positive adoption language we prefer to use! We consider women making an adoption plan as wanting to place her child with an adoptive family, but many times she first uses words like “give my baby up” for adoption.

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