2023 sale date TBD.

Be Ready For Game Day - please read our rules prior to making a purchase.

PERMITTED VEHICLES: Parking is for scooters, motorcycles, cars, trucks, standard size vans, and SUVs. Trailers and oversized vehicles may be allowed in the lot at an extra charge.

PARKING INFORMATION: The Game Day Parking lot has 184 asphalt spaces, lots of shade trees and grassy areas. Any parker with a reserved space is required to park in the numbered space they have reserved. No block parking.

Season Pass holders and Daily Reserved spaces are available until sold out. These spaces are guaranteed to the holder until 30 minutes prior to kickoff (staff provides a contact to reach in case of a delay).

Daily drive up sales: Vehicles are parked in the order in which they arrive. We also park vehicles in grassy areas around the lot; no block parking.

Tailgating is allowed, but not guaranteed, within reason. If your tailgating encompasses a parking space, you will be expected to break it down as the lot fills.  If you tail gate on the grassy area in the right of way on SW 2nd Ave, you must be packed up 30 minutes prior to kick off.

If you wish to park with friends, we will try to accommodate you.

It is your responsibility to supervise your children, guard grills, chairs, and personal belongings. Please put your coolers, grills (cooled down) and valuables in your locked vehicle when leaving the area. **Please bag your trash and place it in the dumpster on the property. All vehicles must be removed from the grounds within three (3) hours after each game, per ordinance.

FACILITIES: INDOOR RESTROOMS ARE AVAILABLE UNTIL KICKOFF.  Restrooms are accessible through doors at the north and south ends of the building.

PARKING PASS RESALE: The resale of daily or season tickets or passes (or attempted resale) is grounds for seizure and cancellation without compensation. Further questions? Contact staff at 352-378-6202 during regular business hours.


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Drive-up, single game day parking is available at the entrance, as long as space
is available, by credit card.

Park on our lot to tail gate, reconnect with friends, use the facilities, or come at the last minute (with your SEASON PASS)!