Giving My Baby Up



You have been the most amazing thing to ever happen in my life. When I got to the hospital I was scared to death. I chose your adoption service because it was Christian based. I did not know that I would meet such a great friend.

When I had nobody else in my life to turn to, you held my hand. You have no idea how much that means to me.


Instead of judging me, you wanted to know my story. And instead of condemning me for my mistake, you talked me through it. You [Jerry] acted as a father to me when I could not turn to my own father for help. You are a true Christian and there aren’t many of those out there.

I want you to know that little Sally Ann means the world to me and giving her up was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. She is my little princess and miracle and I will always love her with all my heart. I pray for her everyday and for her new family. I truly believe she is better with them. They can give her all the things I could only dream of and she deserves the world on a silver platter.

I do want to remain a part of her life and if it is okay with her new family I will write her every so often. I know she will probably resent me for what I have done and I cannot blame her for that.

I can only pray that one day she realizes I did what was best for her out of love for her and hope for her future.

I plan to add to the scrapbook Ally gave me with the pictures of Sally Ann her family that they send me. I have asked them to also send letters telling me what is going on in her life and with her in general.

I love all of them like family now because they are a part of my family.

I thank you will all my heart for finding such an amazing family for Sally Ann. She deserves the best and I truly believe that is what she is getting. Without you she would not have them. You are incredible. You stood with me through my darkest hour and the most difficult time of life. When they took Sally out of me and I knew I would not be able to keep her, it just about killed me. The only thing that kept me going was knowing she will now have the life she deserves.

You mean so much to me and will always be one of my best friends with a very special place in my heart. You, your organization, Sally Ann and her new family will be in my prayers and heart forever.

-Cassidy, Birth Mom

Names changed for privacy

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