Giving up my baby

You may think that a mom who chooses adoption is giving up my baby. We recognize each of the women we work with love their baby dearly, yet admit they are not in a good place to provide for the child. Many people believe a mom who chooses adoption for her child is selfless! When a mom becomes a Birth Mother, she sets aside her own needs for her child by placing the child with a family for adoption.

As a woman with an unplanned pregnancy, you need to know there are options available to you. Last year, CFS caseworkers offered pregnancy options to 141 women. We know several women had family support, or the support of a partner, and chose to parent. We worked closely with 6 women who chose to place their child with an adoptive family.

We want you to know a few details about working with a local adoption agency, like CFS. We have placed over 520 babies into Christian Families since we opened in 1978. Our donors are committed to women, like you, who are in need of options for an unplanned pregnancy. CFS donors support the non-profit so you have a counselor who will listen to you, without judgment.

When you choose to make an adoption plan with CFS, we can help you with your living expenses, doctor’s appointments, and notifying the baby’s father of your decision to choose adoption. We want you to understand the process of adoption and know your rights. We also want you to understand the emotional part of adoption and prepare you for the days ahead. You won’t be left alone to do this on your own we want to be there to help you through it.

Do you wonder if adoption is right for you and your baby? Just because you contact a CFS Caseworker does not mean you have to know whether you definitely want to make an adoption plan or not. You’re just getting information and trying to understand the process.

Consider the following experience of a CFS client.

When Nevaeh discovered her unplanned pregnancy, she thought about options for the pregnancy. Abortion came to mind, and then, adoption. In her words, she briefly explains what brought her to her decision.

“Hello, I am Nevaeh from beautiful sunny Florida. I am the proud mother of two children. Unfortunately I’ve found myself to be the mother of another precious baby. Sadly, this baby was not expected at all, but was conceived not by my own will.”

Now that I am expecting this baby, many things came to mind. Such awful things-like abortion! I am strongly against abortion, but the devil will try and make you think differently. As I thought in my mind to keep this baby, I knew that I couldn’t provide for her like I wanted to. I love my baby but it would be so hard to really look at her and think again about the way she was conceived. Something had to be done in order for everything to work out for my family and me.

While searching on my phone, I happened to come across an ad from Christian Family Services, and right then I knew this was my choice. I began talking with the counselor and things began to proceed from there on.

Well, as the due date approached, I was very nervous about the entire situation. I really wanted to keep my baby and then again I cold not handle the hurt. I only wanted to be a good mother towards her, so I knew my decision would play a good part. I was scared and confused about everything, but in the end everything would work out for my good. This is why: my mind was open to adoption. This would be the best thing that I could give my baby!!”

Are you, like Nevaeh, in sunny Florida with an unplanned pregnancy? Reach out to Christian Family Services, a local adoption agency near you.

CFS counselors are ready to assist you with your pregnancy options, whether you live in Dunnellon, Silver Springs Shores, McIntosh, Reddick, Belleview, Anthony, Ocala, Baldwin, Atlantic Beach, St. Augustine, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Hastings, Nocatee, Jacksonville, Woodville, Crawfordville, Wakulla Springs, Havana, Miccosukee, Wacissa St. Marks, Tallahassee, Alachua, Micanopy, High Springs, Melrose, Keystone Heights, Newberry, Archer, Hawthorne, La Crosse, Lake Butler, Waldo or Gainesville, Florida or anywhere in between!

We are ready to answer your call or text to discuss judgment free options with you. Consider your options for your unplanned pregnancy. Speak with us 24/7 by voice @ 8002262367 or text @ 352.600.2138


UNDERSTANDING POSITIVE ADOPTION LANGUAGE: Blog posts of Christian Family Services are written using words people search for if they are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. To reach women and provide options to them, we use language our SEO agency suggests, not the positive adoption language we prefer to use! We consider women making an adoption plan as wanting to place her child with an adoptive family, but many times she first uses words like “give my baby up” for adoption.

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