God’s Purpose and an Unplanned Pregnancy

My Dear Child,

This letter to you is both difficult to write, yet very helpful, knowing that I can try to explain the circumstances and reasons for placing you for adoption when I discovered my unplanned pregnancy.

Your mom and dad are very special people and I hope you love and obey them. They definitely love you very much.

I hope by the time you read this letter, you know a little about life and human nature. If you do, then, maybe you can understand my reasons for loving you enough to give you up for adoption.

Your father and I weren’t married. He had a very complex personality and wasn’t strong enough to handle the responsibility and problems that you and I would have caused. I’m not saying anything against him because, at the time of your conception, I cared about him very much. He has a lot of good things about him as a person.

The racial difference between your birth father and I is only a small portion of why I chose newborn adoption. I made the decision, not because I didn’t love you. If that had been the reason you would have never been born. I had the option, as many women of this day and age do, to have an abortion.

At first I thought I had an unplanned pregnancy. Then I realized that if I had conceived you, then the Lord wanted you to be, and I have no right to go against his wishes. I strongly believe that He wanted you to be born because He had a purpose for you and a lesson for me. I also feel that he wanted me to let you go, otherwise I would not have been strong enough to do so. It takes a lot out of a person to conceive a child, carry it to term and then let the child go. It did me. Several times I wanted to change my mind, to keep you and to raise you to be a strong, loving person, but that wasn’t in God’s plans.

When I chose to give you up as a baby for adoption, I gave you the chance to become someone better and stronger, because you had two parents that wanted and loved you. Not just one parent, who would have tried and maybe failed.

I hope and pray you understand. I loved you enough to want the best for you. I hope you have a good, strong and happy life. Remember to look to God and trust Him. He’ll never let you down. You’ll always be in my prayers. Take care and may the good Lord bless and keep you.

With Love,

Your Birth Mother