Gratitude for the adoption process

An Adoptive Family wrote us to express gratitude

“This experience exceeded all of our expectations and helped us give things over to God. When He provided the opportunity, we couldn’t let Him down. We learned to surrender more to God, leaving everything in His hands.”

When talking about the birth mother they said,

“She is in our prayers daily, continually. Before we talked on the phone and actually met, we were thinking that we wanted as ‘closed’ an adoption as possible. Now we are so thankful that it is more ‘open’ and feel that we have a friend forever! Not just because of our mutual interest in our daughter’s well being, but because we had the chance to become close friends. Now, when the time is right, we can tell our daughter that we spent time with her mother; became friends; know how much she loves her; how emotionally difficult it was for her to make this choice, but how thoroughly convinced she was that is was for her best interest.”

Then, we also received a letter from the birth mother. She wrote,

“I will be forever grateful for the help you (CFS) gave me. You have been a blessing to me and to ‘Hanna’. Thank you so much for making a potentially bad situation into a ‘miracle’ for all involved! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

If you have recently discovered an unplanned pregnancy, we encourage you to consider the option of Adoption in Florida! Christian Family Services offers Pregnancy Help to expectant mothers. We meet in a location of your choice to discuss your goals, needs and what you want for your baby.  We are one of the licensed Adoption Agencies in Florida and have been doing so for over 40 years.