Jeremy and Nikki


Jeremy and Nikki


We, Jeremy and Nikki met in 2000 while in college. We were watching a ballgame on television with mutual friends. We began dating and were married in December 2002.

Jeremy is the oldest in his family with one sister and two brothers. He spent ten years of his childhood in Taiwan while his parents were missionaries. Nikki is also the oldest, and has two brothers. Nikki’s parents have been foster parents for over ten years.

We are close to both of our families and see them for holidays and a few other times each year. Both of us were raised in Christian homes. Jeremy is a steel detailer and checker, drawing steel building parts on a computer. Nikki was a teacher until we adopted our first child. Now she is a homemaker.

We live on a quiet street of older brick homes with many trees. We have a fenced-in backyard with plenty of room for play. We live a convenient distance from grocery stores, hospitals, parks, shopping, and restaurants. Most importantly, we live close to where our church meets.

In September 2012, we received “the call” that there was a newborn boy needing parents! We were able to meet our son, Ryland, two days later. He has grown to be a friendly, determined, observant little boy. He enjoys every opportunity to play with other children, especially his friends at church. He loves to play in our backyard and ride his bike as well as to help Mommy and Daddy whenever he can. Nikki has started homeschooling him for preschool.

Jeremy and Nikki are very involved in their church. On Sunday morning, Jeremy teaches teenagers, and Nikki teaches young children. Ryland loves to go to Bible class. We are very close to and spend a lot of time with our friends from church, playing board and card games, singing, eating, and just talking.

As a family, we enjoy spending time outdoors, and try to go camping and canoeing a couple of times each year. Sometimes we play ball in the backyard or walk in the park while Ryland rides his bike.

We are now ready to grow our family and welcome a second child into our home. We would love any child we are blessed with unconditionally and raise him to love God and love others.