Journey to Waylon Michael: Part 3 – Waiting

If you have gone through the adoption process, you must be patient. One thing I am not good at is being patient. We knew that Christian Family Services could call us at anytime saying that there is a baby for us.

There was the scenario where birth mom picks us, and she is due in a few months, and we would have time to prepare. There was also the scenario where a baby is born, and we get the call to come get the baby ASAP. I am such a planner and all the scenarios freaked me out.

What also freaked me out was that there is a possibility of being on a waiting list and never getting a call. Once you come up on a year of being on a waiting list, that means you have to renew your homestudy. Michael and I agreed that we would wait for 2 years and if we didn’t get a call within that two years, we felt it wasn’t God’s plan for us.

I told myself that we wouldn’t get a call in that first year. I assumed that we would have to renew our home study and that we would get the call in the 2nd year of waiting. Michael and I didn’t buy anything for a baby. We didn’t make a baby boy nursery. I didn’t want to plan for something that may never happen. When you are finally on a waiting list its just the weirdest feeling, it doesn’t feel real.

Getting a call was just always in the back of my mind everyday. I tried not to constantly think about it, but it’s hard not to. During this time, Jasmine and I are always texting and she calls me sometimes. She specifically told me that she wasn’t going to be the one to call me when we got a baby, that her boss, Jerry, is the one who makes all of the calls.

Every day passed in May, June, July, and then came the beginning of August. Addi was going to be starting kindergarten. Lucy was going to start preschool. I was going to have two free mornings all to myself. Its funny because I always told Michael and the girls that I didn’t know what I was going to do with two free mornings. I joked with Michael that I hope I don’t get use to the free mornings and time to myself and decide maybe we shouldn’t do this whole adoption thing.

~Brittnay, Adoptive Mom

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