Journey to Waylon Michael: Part 4 – The Call

The girls and I had just walked into Aikman’s Wildlife with my friend Melissa and her kids when Jasmine starts calling. Now remember, Jasmine and I have been texting and talking on the phone for months now. So, I assumed this was just another call to catch up and talk for a while.

I told her I had just gotten to Aikman’s, and she continued talking and asking about our recent vacation to Michigan. She joked with me about coming to a real beach, and I just laughed and said I would love to. I told her she needed to talk Michael into coming to a Florida beach. Then, she said do you want to come to a real beach tomorrow?

That’s when I knew this wasn’t just the normal Jasmine call, this was THE CALL.

Jasmine told me that he had been born a few days before, and his birth parents chose to place him through Florida’s Safe Haven law. This meant that even Christian Family Services didn’t know who they are. We just know his birth parents chose life for him when they had other options out there.

You never really know how you are going to react when you get that call. I was instant tears. So now, I was on the phone in the middle of Aikman’s Wildlife gift shop crying my eyes out in front of everyone. Everyone had to have been wondering what was going on.

I called Michael and just said guess what. He said he didn’t know. I told him we got The Call to go get a baby as soon as possible. I had gotten pictures of our sweet baby boy and it all just felt so surreal. It didn’t feel real when we got on the waiting list to adopt, and then when I got the call, the pictures – it still didn’t seem real to me.

Michael and I made plans to fly out of St. Louis on Thursday evening. We wanted to make sure to take the girls to their first day of school and I am so glad we did. It was really hard for me to leave Addi & Lucy. I felt some guilt and I was anxious. So many changes happening at once, nothing was planned, we were just flying by the seat of our pants. We landed in Florida on Thursday night and got a hotel for night.

Friday morning we knew we were going to our adoption agency, Christian Family Services, to meet our new son.

~ Brittnay, Adoptive Mom

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