Journey to Waylon Michael: Part 6 – Traveling & Florida

We had decided that the best and easiest plan for our traveling was to both travel down together, then I would leave on Sunday to get back home to the girls.  Addi and Lucy started school the day we left for Florida.  That was so hard.  Addi was starting her first year of kindergarten, so I was a mess. I really felt guilty not being able to pick her up from her first day of kindergarten.

When the day came where I had to leave Michael and Waylon to get back home, that was really hard too.  I had such torn feelings.  I wanted to get back to the girls so their world could get back to normal and I wanted to stay in Florida with Waylon and Michael. I couldn’t do both and we had no one who could take off work for an unknown amount of time to stay with the girls. We did what had to be done for the best interest of everyone in our family. I cried having to leave them.

Then when Michael and Waylon were in Florida, wow, that seemed like ages. I was so ready for everyone to just be home. I was ready for Waylon to get to where his forever home was. I think waiting for Michael and Waylon to get home from Florida was one of the hardest parts of the whole process.

~ Brittnay, Adoptive Mom

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