Journey to Waylon Michael: Part 8 – Coming Home

The day I knew Michael and Waylon were finally coming home seemed like the longest day ever.  Michael flew with Waylon from Florida to St. Louis.  Then he had a 2-hour drive home.  He got home in the evening and we were finally all reunited and the girls got to meet and hold Waylon for the first time.

It was the best feeling to have Waylon and Michael home. We finally felt like we were a family and done with the hardest part.  We did have to wait a few weeks for TPR (termination of parental rights).  In the back of my mind, there were always the what-ifs.  So, when I did hear that TPR was finalized, it finally felt official – less worrying.


On December 13th, we had our online court hearing to finalize the adoption and for Waylon to officially become a Yoder forever!  It’s a great feeling that everything is done and final, and now it’s as if he has just always been with us.  No more paperwork, no more what if’s, he is just our Waylon and he is ours forever.

– Brittnay, Adoptive Mom

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