Letter from Adoptive Mom to Birth Mom on her first Mother’s day

birth mothers dayThis letter from an adoptive mom to her child’s birth mother was written after Mother’s day. You can imagine the joy that new mother felt on a day that had passed her by for so many years. Every year she longed to be called “mother”. You can try to imagine what the birth mother was feeling, maybe joy for her child’s mother and a tinge of sadness at not being with her daughter.

Hi Charlotte,
This email is from Dawn 🙂

Words can’t express how much joy I felt at church on Mother’s Day when they asked all the mothers to raise their hands, and finally, after so many prayers and so many long years of waiting, I could say I was a mother! And never could I have imagined I would be mom to such a beautiful, sweet and happy little girl as Emma.

I thought of you especially yesterday, and the sacrifice you made to make Gary and I parents and my heart is so full of gratefulness and love for you in choosing to give our daughter life and giving us this greatest of gifts. I can’t wait until Emma is old enough to hear her story, and learn about you, her other mom, and how much she is loved by all of us.

She is growing so quickly! She is a strong little girl and has been turning over onto her stomach since she was about a week old. We call her the mountain climber because when you hold her she kicks her little legs and tries to climb up us! At her doctor’s appointment last week she weighed 13 pounds and was 24-1/4 inches long. She is in the 95th percentile for growth, her doctor said, and is the favorite of all the nurses at the doctors’ office. They all come to the waiting room to hold her when they know she is there!

She is sleeping through the night, and likes to suck on her fingers to go to sleep. She loves to snuggle for a few minutes when she gets up in the morning. She is talking and smiling at us now, and loves to hear music, especially the singing at church. As soon as we start to sing hymns, she gets very calm and listens very intently.

She also loves for her Granddaddy (my dad), Granny (my mom) and Grammie (Gary’s mom) to hold her. She doesn’t like to be in her swing if she knows there is someone to hold her instead. My niece Kim loves to hold her and comes over every day she can to feed her and rock her. She is very very loved by our families, church families and friends.

We can’t imagine our lives without her and we love you so very much for blessing us with her.

We prayed for you on Mother’s Day and please know that you are in our thoughts and hearts every day when we look at our little girl and remember how blessed we are!