Love For A Birth Mom

Dear T, What should I say to you, the person who has given me one of the most valuable things in my life? I can think of nothing better, although it seems so small, than THANK YOU!

I will never forget seeing her cradled in Jerry’s arms with her black, curly hair. She was so tiny. My husband and I stood and wept as Jerry approached us with her. I loved her immediately!

I need you to know how wonderful Bella* is! We could tell the very first day that she was smart. I have never seen a newborn look at someone the way she looked at us when we talked to her. She had a look of total understanding. She was one of the sweetest babies that I have ever been around. She has brought us so much joy and has filled a huge empty space in our hearts!

People are absolutely drawn to her. She has been so well received by both sides of our families, our church family, our friends and our community.

Bella is well loved. Our families have totally accepted her.

All of her grandparents love being with her.

T, I am so grateful to you! Within days of receiving Bella I began to develop very strong feelings about you.

I know I don’t know you but I love you.

I look into my daughter’s eyes and I see a smart, beautiful little girl full of personality and life and I credit you for it! I have such a deep and passionate love for her and I am unable to separate my love for her and for you. In my mind, it is only logical that if I love her then I would love you. How can I not love you…the one who carried her in your womb. She is a part of you.

You made, what I would guess, was the hardest decision of your life. It was a very unselfish decision but I doubt it was an easy one. That decision has not just changed my family’s lives, but many, many others. In addition, God has been glorified over and over through the telling of the events surrounding’s Bella’s adoption.

Thank you for giving Bella life. Thank you for allowing us to raise her and to have her in our family.

I think of you and pray for you often. I hope you are happy and prospering. I want only the best for you and your son!

Natalie, Adoptive Mom

(Names changed for privacy)

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