Love is the Reason

We have heard stories about families whose child contracts Covid and is in the hospital. What price would they pay in order for their child to get better? This is something that touches the heartstrings of all parents. We know how real this situation is and how it could be our child.

But what about the young lady who gets caught up in her emotions and feelings for the guy that is so much fun to be with? Or whom she believes is “the one”? The next thing she knows is that she is staring at a little “P-stick” that has two lines on it.

The young lady tells the baby’s father that she is pregnant and he tells her to, “Get rid of it!” He says that if she won’t, then he’s gone and they are through. That means she now has nowhere to live. Or, she knows in her heart that he is definitely not father material. He wants nothing to do with this baby and will never be able to provide for the baby or her. He is not someone that she wants in her child’s life, much less her own.

This is an agonizing discussion and it happens everyday. But the difference is, unplanned pregnancies are not happening to everybody. Its difficult for most to imagine, much less contemplate, making the tough decision to either abort a pregnancy, or to give life. For many women, this is the first time that Abortion has become a very real option. It doesn’t matter that they are Christians and have been Pro-Life. This is a crisis!

She may be homeless now, not knowing where she is going to stay next. How can she bring a baby into this kind of life? She thinks that if she terminates the pregnancy now, she can go on with her life. She doesn’t know who to talk to about other options.

It’s an expectant mom’s love for her kids that causes her to be willing to do anything to provide and protect them. It’s love for the life that she is carrying and her belief that God has a plan for her child, even if he/she was “unplanned.” It’s love for her baby that causes her to consider doing whatever it takes.

An expectant mom thinks about newborn baby adoption to provide everything her child will need to succeed in life, even if “she” is not the one to provide it. She considers putting up baby for adoption so this child will have all the love and nurture of two faithful Christian parents. And, it’s love for the adoptive family that she now believes that God will provide in answer to her prayers.

What does LOVE have to do with it? EVERYTHING!

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