Non-Profit Adoption

Christian Family Services was originally created as a ministry. Now, as a non-profit adoption agency, we continue to minister to birth mothers, their children, and hopeful adoptive couples.

CFS counselors receive contact with birth mothers via call, text or email. We meet with you where you are at, meaning where you are the most comfortable. There is no pressure to make a quick decision with your unplanned pregnancy. We want you to know that adoption is not abandoning your child, and want you to know the resources available to you should you parent.

Over the years, we have received letters to forward to adoptive families, birth mothers, and adoptees. Their letters give insight into what putting a baby up for adoption – what we call placing a child for adoption — really looks like! Here are a few:


Dear Adopted Mother,

I really appreciate you sending me some photographs. I don’t think you realize what it means to me. I thank God for you and your husband everyday for finding it in your hearts to accept another child into your home.

At first I wasn’t sure I could forgive myself for what I did but seeing those pictures finally made me realize that he is truly happy with you and your family.

I hope that when he is old enough to learn that he is adopted, you’ll know just what to say, and I have all my faith in you.
God Bless You
Thank You,
Birth Mother


Dear Mother,

Your beautiful baby boy arrived in our home a month ago. He is such a delightful little person. I can hardly begin to tell you how much joy he has brought to our family, and how much we love him. We have been married 15 years, and this is the happiest we’ve ever been.

He is just perfect. He loves to travel, which is great because we travel a lot. He is really the answer to many prayers. Sometimes when I hold him, I cry because I love him so much and I know you really love him too.

I promise you that we will always give our baby the best of everything. He will be raised a Christian and given a lot of education. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins surround him and he is the center of attention. I pray for you every day that you find true happiness and complete your dreams.

I love you.

His other mother


Dearest Daughter,

I just want you to know how much I love you. I want you to understand why I placed you for adoption. I didn’t have anything to give you but my love, which is more than anything. You deserve more than that. You needed a mother and a father. If I knew I could have parented you I would, but I couldn’t.

I wanted you have the things I didn’t (have). You are God’s child you deserve the best. God has great plans for you. I hope you will want to see me some day. I really love you so much. I held you the day after you were born. You are very pretty.

You will always be part of me. God blessed me for giving you the chance you have. It wasn’t easy saying good-bye, but I did what was best for you. You will always mean so much to me. We will be together again some day.

I’ll love you always and forever,
Your mother (Birth Mother)

When you make an adoption plan with a non-profit adoption agency, you know we are invested in your needs and not to increase our profit. In the same manner, choosing adoption is not giving up a child, it is choosing life, choosing a family to raise your child, and, as shown in the letters above, trusting that adoption is the best life for your child.

Only YOU can decide to make an adoption plan for your unplanned pregnancy.  Call Christian Family Services toll-free at 800-226-2367 or text us at 352-600-2138.

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