Adoption, One Year Later

 It’s been almost a year since Zachary joined our family and we cannot imagine our lives without him. It’s been a year of challenge, growth, love and joy.

We are thankful every day that our prayers were answered and that Zachary is the little boy that we get the privilege to raise!

He fits so well into our family. Every bit of paperwork, every fingerprinting appointment, and every home visit and interview was more than worth it – and we are excited to consider adoption again in the future.

-Melissa, Adoptive Mom & CFS Adoptee

To all the hopeful, waiting families, Melissa shares what all of our previous families have told us at placement, “It’s worth it.” All of us here at Christian Family Services know adoption is a long roller coaster of emotions and wonder. We are here to support you each step of the way.

To all the expectant moms considering adoption, we know placing your baby for adoption is not easy or a choice you take lightly. It’s an extremely difficult choice made out of love for your child. We are here to help support you each step of the way, including after placement. We want you to know each waiting family goes through very strict background checks and home study visits, like Melissa talked about above. We don’t allow just anyone off the street to adopt. It’s a long process for each adoptive family. And YOU get to choose which family you want that to be.

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