Our Journey with CFS

Our journey was very God-controlled. When we knew He was directing us toward adoption, we began Googling different agencies and quickly became overwhelmed at the many options. This led us to set the computer down, confused about finding the best decision and questioning how we were supposed to know what God would want from us.

After several days of praying, we chose to no longer try so hard to be in control, trusting that God would show us the way. He opened the door to Christian Family Services (CFS). Not only is CFS a faith-based agency (an important factor for us), we had three different connections to this agency! We previously worshipped with someone who used them to adopt their daughter, we previously worshipped with the director’s family, and one of us also went to college with the Social Worker (Jasmine). All these connections existed in our lives and we didn’t realize it until God opened our eyes.

After finding all three of these connections within just a few hours, we knew CFS was OUR agency. We started the process with complete confidence. We fell in love with the staff as they continued to guide us through the MANY twists and turns of the adoption process.

After being with the agency for 12 months and on the official waiting list for 9 months, we received the call that we were going to have a son! He was born 48 hours later and we have never been so happy and overjoyed in our lives.

Because we live out of state, we ended up staying in Florida for two weeks before we could take our son home. During that time, CFS continued to guide us and love on us. They will never truly know how much it meant to our family of three.



Are you facing an unplanned pregnancy and wondering what you’re going to do? We are ready to answer your call or text to discuss judgment free options with you. Call or text 24/7 to speak to a case worker.  

Contacting and/or meeting with CFS does NOT, in any way, make you committed to working with us or creating an Adoption Plan.

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