Pregnancy Support from CFS Caseworkers

Kim helps a pregnant mom.A year ago Kim Tang returned to CFS as a Caseworker.  In the past year, she has ministered to women with an unplanned pregnancy, just as she did during her first time at CFS while in graduate school.

As Kim assists women, she realizes expectant women are choosing what is best for their child, even though giving up a baby for adoption is hard!  Women who choose adoption for their baby are making a loving choice.  Kim has empathized with Florida moms, knowing that being mom, in and of itself, is hard!

In her role as counselor to women who choose to place their child for adoption, this writer has witnessed Kim’s care and concern for others.  Kim provides follow up care to women who have become Birth Moms through adoption in Florida.  Kim checks back with the adoptive families and makes sure they are sending communications to the birth mom, or birth families, after the adoptive placement.

Kim was at the hospital to be with “K”, who had made an adoption plan for her child.  The father of the child was there, and so were the prospective adoptive family.  K’s baby was taken early due to health concerns.   Kim had attended the hospital visits with K, and was concerned about K’s risk of carrying her baby to term.  Thankfully, a specialist made sure that K and her unborn child would receive care at a hospital in the area known to take on such cases.  After the delivery of the child and the follow up surgery, K remained in the hospital healing.  Kim was there for her, the father, and the adoptive family.

This newborn child was especially blessed.  The father of the child is employed and worked many hours, but wanted to be there for the mother of the child as she chose adoption.  During the paperwork that would begin their adoption journey, the soon to be birth mom and birth dad, signed all the adoption paperwork together.  As K healed physically and emotionally, the birth dad made his way over to the adoptive parents.  Both K and her partner were happy with the couple they chose to raise their child.

As a CFS Caseworker, Kim was available at anytime, day or night, for K.  As the time in the hospital drew to a close, and the baby went home with her adoptive parents, Kim remained at the hospital with K.  Kim visited K, made sure she was settled in at the home she shared with the Birth Father, and also made sure to call and text as time allowed.

If you are considering adoption in Florida for your unplanned pregnancy, you can reach out anytime by phone or text.  You can get the help you need, now, from Kim or other CFS Caseworkers.  The reason we can assist you, at no charge, is because of donors, who also care about YOU and want you to have the option of adoption for your baby!

Unplanned Pregnancy? Do you live in Florida? We have a reputation around the state of being readily accessible 24/7 by voice @ 800.226.2367 or text @ 352.600.2138


UNDERSTANDING POSITIVE ADOPTION LANGUAGE: Blog posts of Christian Family Services are written using words people search for if they are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. To reach women and provide options to them, we use language our SEO agency suggests, not the positive adoption language we prefer to use! We consider women making an adoption plan as wanting to place her child with an adoptive family, but many times she first uses words like “give my baby up” for adoption.

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