Putting a Baby Up for Adoption

How do I put my baby up for adoption?

CFS Caseworkers receive this question via text, call or email from women with an unplanned pregnancy. CFS Caseworkers always answer our phones and texts ourselves. The response is a kind, and calm:

You have just taken the first step-asking for information.

For over 40 years, Caseworkers of Christian Family Services have helped hundreds of women facing an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy. We understand that expectant mothers are already in a stressful position. Their decisions affect their own life and the lives of others.

While women who are considering adoption for their baby will benefit from early counseling and support, we will work with women at any point in the pregnancy. We have even worked with women who had already taken their infants home.

Speaking with CFS and considering adoption in Florida does not mean you must place your child with a family. You should learn about your options for your pregnancy. We want you to know the truth about each option.

CFS is a ministry. We offer judgment free counseling to women – and men—experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Caseworkers offer care and concern as we are ministry minded. You will be treated as an individual, not a number. This decision, your decision, is for the sake of a baby. The choice is for their future life and will affect you, and others.

If an adoption plan is right for you, we will listen to the type of family you want for your baby. If you want to choose the family, you will be offered several to consider. They will all meet the standards to adopt in the United States, including background screens, physicals and references. You can meet the family, either in person or via telephone. If you choose a semi-open or open adoption, then we will create a communication agreement for after placement.

However, if you choose an adoption plan and want to stay anonymous, you can be assured that any family CFS considers for your child is approved to receive a child into their home.

We desire to work with clients during their pregnancy. However, we know this will not always be the case. Some moms contact us from the hospital following delivery. We have a reputation around the state of being readily accessible 24/7 by voice @ 800.226.2367 or text @ 352.600.2138

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