Safe Haven and Unplanned Pregnancy

I recently shared the story of a Safe Haven for Newborns placement with a loved one. Again, I heard “I don’t know how they could give a baby up for adoption like that.” This response brings me to the defense of women. She may be in an overwhelming and difficult circumstance. This statement causes me to pause and consider some of the reasons a woman may choose Safe Haven for her child.
In Florida, once a woman delivers her child, she may leave her “unharmed newborn, approximately seven days old or less, at Safe Havens: any hospital, staffed fire rescue station, or staffed emergency medical service station…” This child may be left “with no questions asked, totally anonymous, free from fear of prosecution.” Florida Statutes discuss the details here.
I do not recall a time when I did not have family support during difficult financial times. What about a woman with financial woes and an unplanned pregnancy? She may desire to raise her child! Yet, if she has little support from close relatives, this may not be an option. If the father of her child is unwilling to help, how is she to provide for herself and her child?
Some Birth Mothers recognize the environment is not safe for the baby. While a woman may not have looked for pregnancy help or an adoption plan, she can still use Safe Haven. Women remain anonymous. She will know that Safe Haven locations will contact a participating private adoption agency. Her baby will be put in a safe place, with a waiting family.
Some women recognize they are not ready to be a parent. Once she realized “I’m pregnant” she may have considered reaching out to speak with an adoption agency. While she needed pregnancy help, she never reached out to an agency. Time passes and the inevitable happens. The baby arrived! Even at a hospital, in Florida, women can choose Safe Haven to place their child for adoption. Hospitals cleanse the medical records so she can truly remain anonymous.
As an adoption agency in Florida, we always hope we get to work with, and minister to, women considering adoption for her baby. This isn’t always the case, and we know that Safe Haven may be the best choice for you in the circumstances you are in. At the hospital, speak to a Social Worker about your situation. Even after you leave the hospital, adoption in Florida allows you to work with an agency for newborn adoption.
You can choose Life for your baby. You can choose Adoption for your baby. You can provide a future for your baby through Safe Haven for Newborns.