Social Workers and Clients

Christian Family Services Caseworkers — or Social Workers — provide judgment free counsel to you during your unplanned pregnancy. Donors to this ministry known women like you need to be shown compassion during this difficult time.

One example of a day in the life of a CFS Caseworker (or Social Worker) follows:

CFS received a call from a hospital concerning a woman who delivered a baby.

L” said she wanted to ‘give up my baby for adoption,’ and wanted to leave the hospital immediately. On a cold afternoon (for Florida, at least!), a CFS Social Worker headed to meet “L.”

On arrival at the hospital, Caseworker Debbie was made aware that “L” had lost a lot of blood. Hospital staff would prefer that she remain in the hospital, but “L” was adamant she would leave as soon as she spoke with the Florida Adoption Agency. When Debbie greeted “L”, she spoke with her like she had known her prior to that day! “L” calmly discussed her wishes to give up her baby for adoption.

While Debbie learned more about “L’s” life, and considered all her options for parenting the child, Debbie agreed that placing the child was a good option for “L.” Debbie was also aware of “L’s” medical condition, and asked “L” to remain in the hospital to recover. After signing an adoption agreement, “L” chose to recover in the hospital until Debbie returned. This allowed “L” to be in a better physical state to make a life changing decision.

Caseworker Debbie returned home that night, fully aware that “L” could change her mind and leave the hospital. As God would have it, “L” remained in the hospital through her recovery period. Debbie returned to “L” with other CFS staff members to complete paperwork. The adoptive family completed their paperwork and returned home with their newborn. They continue to pray for “L” knowing how much she loved her baby to bring her to life.

This is only one example of the many, which could – and should! – be shared, about Social Workers, specifically CFS Caseworkers!

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