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A Local Adoption Agency

Unplanned pregnancy help includes counseling. We discuss your support system, should you parent. Your desires for your child’s family are considered, if you choose adoption. Teen pregnancy help begins with a text or phone call, and you may do so knowing that your information is confidential.

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Adoption and Biological Father’s

Do you know what the Adoption Triad is? It’s the people who make adoption possible! Of course there’s the child, and the adoptive parents, and the biological mom. Right? Not quite. It actually consists of the child, adoptive parents, and the birth parents. When it comes to adoption, most people don’t think much about the bio […]

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Updates on Adoptees

Considering an Open or Semi-Open Adoption in Florida? As a potential Birth Parent, do you wonder what sort of information you’ll get from regular updates? As a prospective Adoptive Parent, are you asking yourself what you should write about in your letter to your child’s birth parent? It’s the little things. It’s the milestones. It’s […]

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