Unplanned Pregnancy-and now this?

2020 and now this in 2021! No matter the news around us, there are women and men who have discovered an unplanned pregnancy. When she tells him “I’m pregnant,” trouble at the capitol seems very distant. This pregnancy, this baby, is all that matters to her. Will he help her parent—or help her with the other options? Adoption is one of 3 options for an unplanned pregnancy.

The blog posts on this site try to reach women who have found themselves with an unplanned pregnancy. Expectant Mothers who are unsure how they will provide for another baby, we invite you to consider adoption. Our nonprofit ministry offers free counsel to Florida women, and men, during an unplanned pregnancy. Expectant Mothers who choose to make an adoption plan can receive help with living expenses during the pregnancy and up to 6 weeks after delivery.

A Caseworker meets with expectant women during their pregnancy. Parenting is discussed and resources to assist to prepare to bring the child home. Adoption is discussed. Expectant women may feel they are giving up their baby! This is not the case when adoption is chosen. The adoption process is explained, specifically adoption in Florida. Caseworkers discuss the type of family the expectant mom wants for her child. are then shown to her.   A profile book, like a small photo book, of adoptive couples who meet these criteria are shown to the mom.

In 2020, Christian Family Services counseled over 130 women as they considered infant adoption for their baby. There are many out of state agencies that work in our state due to Florida’s adoption laws. Christian Family Services is from Florida, starting in 1978. All of our caseworkers live in Florida—just like you!

Unplanned Pregnancy? Do you live in Florida? We have a reputation around the state of being readily accessible 24/7 by voice @ 800.226.2367 or text @352.600.2138 or email at ChristianFamilyServicesFlorida@gmail.com

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