Why should I work with your agency?

Adoption agencies are not all alike. Case Workers at Christian Family Services want to serve you, as an expectant mother, and give you options for you and your baby.

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Christian Family Services can provide pregnancy help. Caseworkers will meet with you to discuss your needs during your pregnancy. Whether you need assistance with medical expenses, groceries, transportation, utilities and rent, or need help applying for Pregnancy Medicaid and finding an OB/GYN.

We will be here for you to discuss what parenting looks like. We can help you reach out to community resources or navigate family relationships during counseling.

Should you choose adoption, we will guide you through every step of the process. We will discuss open and closed adoption, and see what you want for your baby. We’ll create a hospital plan, which includes how much time, if any, you want to spend with your baby after he/she is born.

Caseworkers will prepare you as best as they can about what to expect and what you may feel. We want to help make sure your adoption plan looks the way you want it to, which includes your baby never entering the Foster Care System.

Debbie has ministered to moms and families since 2003 through Christian Family Services.

fCaseworkers of Christian Family Services have served expectant mothers for many years. Our experience has made us aware that you are a unique person. What you want and need during your unplanned pregnancy is also unique. We want to honor your wishes, as best we can.

If you choose adoption for your baby, we have families ready for you to consider. Not only do they want to add a child to their family, they have also met the guidelines set forth by the CFS Board.

Our fees are set on a sliding scale. While couples must prove their financial stability to provide for your child, we want you to be assured your baby will be raised in a safe atmosphere, and one where they will be loved. We are a non-profit agency, and that also makes us different. Because we think the quality of family matters to you, it matters to us!

Unplanned pregnancy? Only YOU can decide to make an adoption plan for your baby.  Call Christian Family Services toll-free at 800-226-2367 or text us at 352-600-2138.

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