Ashley’s adoption journey

A mom who had delivered her child at a Florida hospital wants information about adoption. CFS caseworkers joined in a phone call with her. The mom didn’t have any specific questions, only asked “how it (adoption) works.”

The mom then agreed to meet in person, so CFS caseworkers headed over to the hospital. As they entered her room, the mom was on the phone and smiling. They introduced themselves, and learned the young mom’s name was Annalise*. She said she didn’t really know anything about adoption, so CFS caseworkers told her all about the adoption process:

  • the possibilities of communicating with the adoptive family, getting updates and pictures,
  • adoptive family qualifications to adopt, background screens,
  • ongoing, lifetime support for her.

Annalise said her biggest worry was her son be in a loving, Christian family.

 She had an unplanned pregnancy and lives in Florida. It turns out, she had been considering adoption for her baby for several months! She’d even looked up agencies and knew she wanted to use Christian Family Services, as we are in Alachua, Leon, Duval and Marion Counties! Like many women CFS works with, she was kind of afraid to call while she was pregnant.

After talking for a while and answering all her questions, Annalise said adoption is definitely something she wants to proceed with. She signed the initial paperwork. The first paperwork did not mean she was giving up her baby. She was still waiting and thinking about what to do.

CFS Caseworkers returned to the hospital the next day and answered more of Annalise’s questions. They also talked about what sort of characteristics and communication Annalise wanted with the adoptive family, should she choose adoption.

Annalise said she believes adoption is the best decision for her and her son, but needs more time to think about everything before making a decision. She was worried about this because she was being discharged from the hospital. Annalise was reminded that she could take all the time she needed, and nothing will happen with her baby without her say so.

Before CFS Caseworkers left her rom, she said she wanted to see adoptive family profiles soon, hoping that would help her make her decision. She made a plan to call CFS when she was ready to meet again.

Annalise was not pushed into a decision to give up her baby for adoption. CFS Caseworkers listened to what she wanted.

If you are like Annalise, you live in Florida and have an unplanned pregnancy, reach out to a CFS Caseworker. Don’t be concerned that speaking with a CFS Caseworker means you must choose adoption. Get the facts about your options from someone who cares about you.

Speak with us 24/7 by calling 800-226-2367 or texting 352-600-2138.

*Names changed for privacy.*

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