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Eric and Heather

Eric and Heather

Once upon a time, there was a picture of unique beauty. With vibrant hues of dreams and tears, sorrows and joys, this painting was fashioned of broken fragments, joined together by prayer. –God has taken the brokenness of each of us to make the family that we are, like jagged pieces fit together into a lovely portrait.  Our picture, our family, is waiting for the last piece…

Our prayer is to have four children.  We have both hoped for this since we got married.  And God in his loving wisdom granted us the joy and blessing of becoming an adoptive family.  Eric and Heather—best friends, then Kirra, Carl, and recently Liam—each with their stories of courageous birthmothers who loved them and gave them a future they believed to be the best.  Every morning, our children pray for their remaining sibling, the final member of this family.

Eric is the honest, steadfast friend and romantic dreamer—Peter Pan, Heather is the patient realist with a gentle servant’s heart--Wendy.  Kirra is intuitive and maternal, strong and kind.  Carl is the wave crashing on the shore, a tenderhearted and simple soul.  Liam, like a peaceful dawn, is the gentle breeze on a summer day.

We are truly content and happy with our daughter and two sons.  And yet we think of them as they grow, when they are grown, through their lives, and how blessed Eric and I are to come from families with four children.  We want the same for our family.  We desire wholeheartedly to love another child as our own.  We always strive to love God more than each other, for only that way can we truly love. We hope to show our children a perfect friend and savior, Christ Jesus, in our words and lives.  This is the best gift we can give them, Christ's unconditional, eternal love.

Each of us come from a broken story, like a sliver of a scene, brought together by grace and made whole as one picture of love.







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