The Story of Hazel

Arthur and I knew early in our dating relationship that we would one day plan to adopt. We could not have fathomed the journey God would lead us on. When we were ready, we researched adoption agencies in our community and knew CFS would be a great fit.

We adopted our son, Sam, in early 2018 after being on the wait list for exactly 9 months and were blown away by how God weaved every tiny detail together to bring us together. We knew we planned to adopt again and that we would definitely work with CFS. When Sam was 2, we felt God tug on our hearts that it was time.

I contacted Jasmine and Jerry shortly after Mother’s day in 2020, and we were welcomed back with open arms. We were back on the wait list in late summer 2020 and settled in for what we assumed would be a longer wait than with our first adoption. When we adopted Sam, I jumped every single time my phone buzzed. The second time we felt more at peace, and we honestly didn’t think about the wait as much.

I finished a busy season at work at the end of October 2020, and we joked that now would be the perfect time to welcome a new little one. The very next Saturday, in early November 2020, after just a few months of waiting, Arthur and I were reading Sam stories to get ready for nap. I saw a had a call from Jasmine, but as we often met with her to play or go to the park, I thought she was just calling to visit, and said to myself, “I will call her back as soon as we lay Sam down.” Then she and Jerry and immediately called Arthur. My heart rate went up and I told him to run and get his phone!

Sure enough, there was a 2 day old baby girl that was going to be placed with us.

Jasmine gave us such a hard time that we didn’t answer THE phone call! We couldn’t believe it! We called our close friends who came to get Sam when he woke up from his nap and packed for the hospital. We met her just a couple of hours after the call.

She was the most beautiful baby with the prettiest blue eyes!


Because of COVID, only one of us could stay at a time and Sam couldn’t meet her until she had been discharged. He was so excited and told all of his friends at school about his new baby, Hazel. His teachers even helped him make glittery welcome home cards.

Sam is now 4 and Hazel is 16 months. We love them so much and can’t imagine our lives without them! Both of their birth parents chose anonymous placements so we didn’t have the chance to meet, but we have so much love for them and hope to meet them all one day!

We are so thankful to CFS for bringing us together and for the amazing care they take of each member of the adoption triad. They are truly a blessing!

~Chelsea, Adoptive Mom

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